Smart Concepts for Workspace

We would have group/individual control over Sensors (Occupancy based / Day light based sensors) to attain precise light operations and day light harvesting.

Smart lighting, HVAC Schemes, Space Management, Asset & Resource tracking, Meeting room, Visitor, Café Management system, Energy Management, IOT Architecture Contents, etc.

These sensors can integrate and work over IOT platform

  • POE Plat form Lighting can be proposed as concept of digital ceiling, Light programing, Smart switching and remote light management can be achieved
  • Bio centric lights for Workspaces with sensor controlled dimming solutions as well as over IOT
  • Dimmable light solutions for Conference room/ Training rooms – With programmable solution over IOT
  • Integration of lights with HVAC System
  • General integration of lights would be on Advanced Sensor Smart Lighting

Refer below slides for complete presentation:

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